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India to Germany (NRW)- Travel Information

Germany has been deemed as the fifth most favorable country to move to. This is due to its well-performing economy, education system, and employment opportunities. People from all over the world want to have a chance of moving to Germany. In recent year’s more Indian’s are moving to Germany than never before.

If you are planning to relocate in Germany especially in Cologne(NRW) here are few information which can help you. The flights from India have 2 major destination points Frankfurt and Düsseldorf for NRW region. Frankfurt Airport is the busiest airport by passenger traffic in Germany as well as the 4th busiest in Europe. Both airports are well equipped with public and private transportation. Public transportation include bus and train which will take you  to your address. To check your travel route and travel time use  Deutsche Bahn . You can also use google maps as a guide but Deutsche Bahn is official public transportation portal in Germany. you can also download official deutsche Bahn from google play and apple paystore and You will find different naming of the train for same destination. They are classified based on their stopping pattern

Long distance trains

  1. ECE (Eurocity-Express) for international high-speed rail services. 
  2. ICE (Intercity-Express) for high-speed rail services between major cities and regions
  3. IC (InterCity) for long-distance trains connecting regions with each other. They are not as fast as ICE

local trains(regional trains)

  1. IRE (Interregio-Express) serves regions and connects cities. 
  2. RE (Regional-Express) serves regions and connects cities
  3. RB (Regionalbahn) stops at all stations (except where S-Bahn is also available) and is the most basic train service
  4. S (S-Bahn) is rapid transit and most services stop at all stations. S-Bahn operate with high frequency services.

City trams and bus

NRW Cities in Germany are well connected with local public bus and tram. they operate from  5.00 am to 2.00 am. they are known as U- Bahn service in Köln.

Purchasing a ticket

Travel Tickets can be purchased online well in advance. Some important station have a ticket counter, but in all train, tram and bus stops there will be a ticket vending machine. these vending machine accept cash and some even accepts local debit card for transaction. Its always beneficiary to carry cash while travelling just in case the system do not work. The trams and  Buses in NRW region also have ticket vending machine inside the coach. Make sure the you have a valid train ticket when your boarding  local train as these train do not have vending machine with them. (you will have to pay a penalty fare if you are found in these without a ticket, costing double the ticket price or at least 40 EUR). The local trains include Interregio-Express, Regional-Express, Regionalbahn, S-Bahn. And For the IC, ICE, ICN there is a possibility to procure a train ticket even after you board the train. Typically you will find a ticket conductor on-board who will check tickets in the start. Try to contact him beforehand in order to ensure risk free travel. The ticket conductor can help you purchase a ticket on-board the train. The ticket will be a little bit more expensive than purchasing before departure.

While Booking your flight ticket check if there is Rail and Fly option is available with your ticket. Deutsche Bahn Rail and Fly is the alternative to domestic flights in Germany. Deutsche Bahn provides the most convenient way to take travellers between the airport and city centres. some airlines offer free rail ticket while booking your flight ticket.

Customs Duties/Zoll

If the goods you are bringing with you exceed the specified allowances, you must pay import duties. When you are entering from a non-EU country you must declare these goods verbally at the customs office, where the duties that are payable will be calculated. A simplified calculation of charges by means of a flat rate of duty may be applied where the value of the goods subject to import tax does not exceed 700 euros per for each individual traveller. Obviously, the personal possessions that you bring with you on your journey are exempt from duties, since they are considered personal property or sports equipment in temporary admission. However, for valuable objects such as jewellery, expensive digital cameras, and so on, you may be asked follow a special procedure. Its is important when you carry gold ornament in you luggage make sure the value do not exceed 700 euro. To be on safe side always put on your gold ornaments during you travel till you reach your destination. If  a custom officer enquires you about your goods,  do declare your good if it exceeds 700 euros. If failed you need pay a fine and the duty taxes associated to the goods.  To know more about what could be brought into Germany Click here

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